zaynsamosa white person eats chicken tikka masala once* i just i feel so connected to indian culture I'm learning to speak islam check out my third eye chakra teaboot Every time see this Every damn time I'm immediately sucked back into my fuckin Fuckin English lit class with Mr Fuckass McShit Mr Hit the gong to begin class Namaste Children l wanna go backpacking in India to find my spiritual awakening and also my left burkinstock that I lost during a cedar sauna drum circle ass bastard Do you want to share your poetry with the class to get in touch with your emotions ass fucker Mr Here's a photograph of a tribal shaman describe him using nature words asshole Pretentious- ass condescending motherfucker Do you want to tell us about your saddest memory? I dunno sir Are you giving me an option? No Then why are you asking Every goddamn day Fuck You seem tense Oh I seem tense? I seem tense Well fuck Professor Pillsbury maybe l 'seem tense' because I walk into a room on five hours of sleep to the sound of a goddamn brass gong drilling through my brain and your seven- foot-nine socks-and-sandals-wearing patchouli- smelling ass immediately gravitates in my direction with some shit like a tree Is a Poem and I gotta sit here and politely tell you that No I'm Not Comfortable Telling The Class About A Time I Was Emotionally Vulnerable With A Loved One using words that sound like the way the color yellow smells Maybe l don't wanna sit in a circle and hold hands with Brittney from Computer Sciences to align our auras or some shit Fuck Fuuuuuuck I swear to God if I wanted to sing kumbaya' with a smelly old guy with gross facial hair who writes bad porn on the side I'd go out to the parking lot and share a Hookah with Crazy Dan the disgraced electrician What I don't wanna do an interpretive dance to represent the spiritual experience of eating Quinoa in a room full of ambivalent preteens and suddenly I'm the 'troubled youth' you need to Robin Williams O Captain My Captain your way into having a Paternal Bonding Moment powerful enough to Expand My Impressionable Young Mind and Turn My Life Around you goddamn saint you? Jesus Fucking Christ You insufferable jackass You're not Enlightened you rolled out of bed and ate half a pot brownie wrote a sad song about a leaf and strolled into class to ramble about your Spirit Animal for six hours straight before calling it a day Holy Jesus goddamned Christ Fucking Balls sir Holy Fucking Balls Source zintersoldier #Teaboot 238334 notes Sep 29th 2018 a tree Is a Poem Meme











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