You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you True power is sitting back and observing everything with logic If words control you that means everyone else can control you Breathe and allow things to pass - Bruce Lee Every thought we have activates a cluster of neurons they send an action potential down the axons to cross synapse that releases neurotransmitters If we keep reactivating this network it becomes stronger because surrounding glial cell feed the cluster and it becomes thicker and stronger We are literally talking ourselves out of success If something goes wrong in your life and you make the mistake of making it personal telling yourself a shit story about how it is you’re dirtying up your mind with dangerous shit All of our fears are self-created They form in the brain's default mode network and are greatly amplified when the brain's alarm and avoidance network is on This drives our decisions because emotion supersedes thought We fear rejection embarrassment loss and abandonment powerful emotions that override positive thought For most people they are focused on what could go wrong and feel embarrassed this is EXACTLY what creates these emotions that are holding us back There's a 90-second rule which states that if one can redirect their focus off the bullshit story the network will stop firing neurotransmitters down the action potential that kills the emotion Negative Emotion is just like too much alcohol we need to sober up! Most people cannot do this 15 months ago I couldn't either when it counted the most because there is an underlying cause of stress cellular stress which puts the brain in the SAME CHAOS alarm and avoidance I call this red stress and it's in the food supply in the form of AGE's ALE's aldehydes estrogen mimics microplastics mitotoxins etc Your body is at war and it needs cofactors to fight each battle and most people lack there too This war must be financed it diverts energy to fight battle after battle You will experience this as being tired lose focus become moody and stressed Wouldn't this energy be better-spent financing focus passion and success? Take out red stress💫 I'm building a free course on doing just that it's opening us soon TAG SOMEONE YOU BELIEVE IN WHO NEEDS THIS lawofattraction nevergiveup brucelee emotionalintelligence onelife nutrigenomics Meme








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