you? I hope you're great! Нey How are I recently re launched my arbonne business and am looking for people to join with me! I'm not sure if you've heard of arbonne before but we are a 40 year old botanically based business based on products that are naturally derived pure and safe! I'm so close to reaching my goal this month in the business and am excited to share it with others as it is life changing! I think you would love it! It has already been life changing for me in the past month! Would you be interested in joining? Or hosting an online party? Or checking out the products?! I would greatly appreciate your support! Thanks so much! 953 PM Hey love! I wish you all the best with Arbonne but I've recently done a lot of research into MLMS and the chance of turning a profit over time is actually smaller than playing roulette in Vegas Here's some info from the Federal Trade Commission that shows how those statistics were collected! httpwwwftcgovsitesdefaultfilesdocumentspublic commentstrade-regulation-rule-disclosure- requirements-and-prohibitions-concerning-business- opportunities-ftcr511993-00004%C2%A000004- 57286pdf There are so many people primarily women who have lost a lot because of them the podcast The Dream is a great resource if you're interested in learning more and for that reason I try not to support those businesses! hope you understand and I wish you all the best wwwftcgov fte aou My first ever MLM invite from someone really important to my childhood I've been wondering howif I would reply if I got one of these but because of our relationship this one was harder than I thought I hope I did well and I hope she gets out early Meme




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