You are now listening to a three-hour-old chick giving its opinion of things in general yesterdaysprint mjsloveslave yesterdaysprint Good Morning by the Daily Mirror England April 4 1944 England was at WAR and managed to do this? Really? Good Morning was actually a paper made by the Daily Mirror just for the men serving on submarines! They were made ahead of time by the Mirror staff and bundled up and numbered for each day and then the four page paper would be given to the men serving on the submarines every evening They had human interest stories comics puzzles Happy stuff Sometimes the journalists would go visit servicemen’s families and get a picture of their wives and kids or parents or pets and that’d go in the paper too Then each day there was usually among other pictures on the back page an attractive lady and also a funny animal picture Here’s a good article about it The sailors sat tensely waiting to die Their boat had been blasted by a depth charge lost all power and sunk to the ocean floor Knowing they probably had little time left the men asked if they might read all the as-yet unseen copies of the daily submariners’ paper currently locked in the safe The chief petty officers agreed – how could they not? – and ripped open package after package of editions of ‘Good Morning’ which the ship’s company were soon devouring in the gloom Suddenly power was restored the sailors were saved and the boat surfaced albeit with her messes spilling over with tabloid newsprint Amongst the Royal Navy submariners the paper’s importance cannot be overplayed “The effect on crew morale was significant” said Royal Navy Submarine Museum archivist George Malcolmson who has a complete bound set of every edition that rolled off the presses“The Daily Mirror stepped in just when the service needed it most Meme










Good Morning

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