X Share Award 144 177 Immigrants_go_home Trump Supporter 4h Thats not what the investigation found at all? It was found that over 38 people were involved in mishandling classified information with regards to Hillary's private email Reply Vote cthulhusleftnipple Nonsupporter 4h Do you agree that this shows no criminal wrongdoing by Clinton or her campaign? Can we lay to rest the idea that Clinton should have been prosecuted or put in jail for these allegations at this point? Vote Immigrants_go_home Trump Supporter 4h No I don't agree with that claim at all It proves she was given the white glove treatment and should have seen her day in court where she would have lost facing this evidence Vote Nonsupporter 3h So by that logic does that mean Trump should be going to court AND chargedconvicted over all of the people connected to him and their wrong doing? I don't mean to derail from Hillary's emails but many Trump supporters when it comes to European connections they say well Trump didn't do it so that's ok And I'm curious to see where PersonBehindAScreen you as a trump supporter lay in this whole thing with that kind of logic Add a comment Trump supporter on rasktrumpsupporters claims that having so many people connected to you with indictments in an email scandal makes you guilty even if there is no evidence that YOUR PARTY couldn't find So close to being self aware Meme











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