WRITING PROMPT WPl Walt Disney actually WAS cryogenetically frozen but he's now been cured unthawed and is being briefed orn what has happened with his company since 1966 - Logic 85 362 points 8 hours ago James begins briefing Walt on the performance of the Disney Company He approaches the end of the list and gets squeamish and states Also the most recent movie really took off and we are working on a sequel now Disney responds The most recent movie? What's it called? James didn't want to respond so he skirted around the issue Oh there was plenty of singing dancing great product-tie-ins it even won a few awards Disney asked again The movie--what was the name of the movie? James' eyes shifted downward then over to Michael who pretended not to notice the awkwardness in the room James again attempted to re-direct Walt It stars two sisters and even had a talking snowman! Walt knew something was amiss and wondered if perhaps the movie had been named something that sounded horrible in the 50's but had taken new meaning in the new century Walt ran through every vulgarity curse word and euphemism in his mind trying to determine what name could be so embarrassing and awkward that James and Michael feared to tell it to him Stumped Walt called for his new secretary Peggy? Walt called James and Michael exchanged nervous glances Mr Disney? Peggy replied nervously It's Walt Peggy Peggy do you mind telling me about our most recent movie starting two young singing girls and a talking snowman? Peggy glanced at James and Michael fearing that no matter how she answered she was going to upset someone It's alright Peggy I can handle it Walt said with a smile James slowly nodded his approval It'sumit's calledDisney's Frozen tahthetricksterdo you ever read a pun and then just have to push your chair back and stare at the wall for a minute Meme











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