writing-prompt-s You turn on the radio one morning to find another one of those Rap songs where every 4th word is a swear Naturally the Radio bleeps it out but you realize that it sounds familiar You realize that the rappers are speaking in Morse code dailylexiconic Your eyes widen as you swerve over onto the shoulder of the expressway nearly hitting a Jeep Cherokee in the process It didn't matter to you Frantically searching the glove compartment the backseat and your purse you finally find a small notepad and a pen with a low ink cartridge You listen closely to the radio and begin to scribble down as much as merely a pattern you canYou realize it was -- ----- Unfortunately for you you aren't very well versed in translating Morse code merely recognizing it You reach into your purse to grab your phone but after a moment of searching you realize you had left it at home before you left for work God damnit you mutter You're more than halfway to your office and you're already running late due to the fact that that you decided to follow some whim and jot down some cryptic message from a provocative rapper Concluding that it would probably be best for you to mosey to work you pull back onto the expressway and try to make it to work on time Upon arriving at work you ask any coworker in sight if they know Morse code Nobody seems to and some don't even know what Morse code is You slump your shoulders in disappointment and head over to your desk when suddenly the quiet mouse-like secretary clears her throat and says Excuse me I know Morse code! You turn around with the same wide eyes You turn around with the same wide eyes as before You do!? you ask vigorous excitement which seems to startle the young woman Yes she says when I was younger I joining the navy so I taught it to planned on myself You feel a bit sorry for her that she wound up as a mere secretary instead of a naval officer but that feeling of pity didn't stop you from being grateful for the lucky coincidence of her knowing Morse code You show her the pattern ------ --- That's all there is? she asks furrowing her brow Yeah you shrugged it just kept repeating that over and over again What does it say? One two two fifty Your heart sinks a little What is that? What does that mean is it like a phone number or house address or something? The secretary shrugs I'm really sorry I don't know It's too short to be a phone number but beyond deciphering it I'm afraid I can't help you You nod slowly and though you understand you are still not at all satisfied You go to sit at your desk 1 2 2 50 The sequence plays over and over in your head all day and needless to say your curiosity an wonderment got the best of you It was not a very productive work day You head home and the same damned song plays on the radio You shake your head as if that would make the song stop then decide to plug 12250 into your GPS to see if there are any autofill results None You become increasingly frustrated When you get home your daughter is sitting at the kitchen table working on homework She runs up to you and gives you a big hug and asks about your day at work You put on a fake smile and sigh Interesting you say- no doubt sugarcoating the intense excitement disappointment and confusion Will you help me with my homework? I have to memorize something for my history class tomorrow Of course doll! What are you memorizing? She hands you a laminated sheet of paper Roman numerals! You glance over the page your eyes quickly darting from one to two to fifty It dawns on you You'd recognize this pattern anywhere waterbasedlubricant GOD DAMNIT lovivargas Several people are typing Meme

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