words to use more often loveh proper beautiful sine absurd plump efficacy omt fetcbing enOrM discombobulate intrude cleave abominable balderdash eam eminent accurac aiesS nigue peckish skedaddle thrall precions hullaballoo scrumptioussome deligbtful breathtaking dandy squabble worth solitude enthralled mayhap evolive secure urpose contemplatebebalf thankful grwesome resioe taught resplendent audaci embrace likelj inflection pompous tangible superfions great in sigem gumption dictate present regardless mim&c reatm sleepy Said is dead but howdid they say it? * Normally? Happily? ?ossily? stated quaked comman ded ke laughed joked sissled sang spo remarked stammered stuttered sulped Angrily? dictated added Sadly? As a question? asked inquired requested begsed smirked marveled chimed hissed bawled whined Quietly? mumbled ttered whispered Silently? thundered Asan answer? Loudly? snapped shouted belted yelled reamed exclaimed barked ranted srunted replied scr acknowledged explained bellowed called Go Into The Story httpgointothestoryblcklstcom List Compiled by Alan Donahue Active Verb Cheatsheet 90 Words for Looks admires attends beams beholds cases casts catches checks considers contemplates coos disregards double take evil eyes eyeballs eyes feast one's eyes feasts flashes flicks focuses ganders gapes gawks gawps gazes gets a load of glances glimpses glints gloats glowers goggles heeds hunts ignores inspects keeps watch leches leers locks on look-sees looks out make sheeps eyes marks misses notes notices observes ogles once-overs overlooks peeks peeps peers perves pores over pries prospects radiates reads econnaissances reflects regards reviews scans scopes scouts scrutinizes sees sight sees sights slants sparkles sparks speculates spies spots squints stares studies surveys swivels takes a gander takes in the sights tends trolls watches witnesses Sho wing motions Feelinąs NOT NERVOuS EMBARRASSED hands Shaking tapping hans lushina Him Knees like rubber bifind bottom lip hanging ic heaty fast breathingl Stutterin ars covering mouth wirth hand butterPlies in stomach holding back Te rolna eyes heart poundina lump in your throat stomac whimperina hlips aying With hair red in the face briant red face miling face hands on hips sweat on face back eyes Wide open mouth risin umping up and dowr Jawhands clenched Hanning self wth handtomers of moving slow veins poppin dark squi rted ves banting for breath aughing giagling HOCKED mouth wide open droopy red eyes Shiverin eyes popping open hands covering mouth tryina to Kcep eyes oping sel Jumping ste ppng bac awn nd ubbing hands tuwether Slouching in Chair blowing on hands aspinq for dir eaning hands on head seeing bregth m the air EXC blushi lookina down peaking softy tears in eyes mouth Wide open trembling lips heart poundin hanging head low umping up and down arms trosse ra res oi ls fall etclapping or clasping hands es lowl eyes wide open belleresources-blog Meme






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