Wook goodbye your number What did I do wrong Thank you for hinging everything on one I will delete date and sorry I can't be good enough for you in a short space I feel like I am being judgedTactually felt a connection with you I thought you were awesome Fuck this Enjoy your dating 2 I never said I wanted a relationship straight up could have worked on many possibilities together I am an understanding person and would not have just expected you to be in a full blown relationship with me Things take time Especially when vou have been hurt I felt we really connected know I am not skinny and hot anymore but I am nice and very supportive person to people l like I have been Obviously failed something out of your boolk I feel like I want to talk to you about this but I respect your decision even though it has made through hell and back and l am sure you have to I am sorry for talking your ear me cry off and being open to you You were sO much more gorgeous to meet in person You won't hear from me again Not only are physically gorgeous Tinder is bullshit hope you find superman ut I see a besutiful strong lady in you your smile is drawing I would have introduced you to my boys Why does this hurt so much I didn't expect this from you I was planning our next date Goodbye sexy girl My sister recently went on a first date this is the response she got when she let the guy down gently the next day There might have been more but she blocked his number Meme








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