Who the fuck cares? Just revolt and tell them they have to work for what they want like us regular joes Piece of shits dont deserve shit Like Reply 44m Alright so the Queen is 91 and she has to do about 100 engagements a year hold Government meetings once a week and read about 200 documents a day all of which are highly classified You won't even make it to 91 you fucking wankstain Of course you're from Sudbury land of the hard working pillheads bumming smokes at the downtown bus terminal Prince Charles is an ex Naval officer who commanded his own ship for 6 years Prince Harry fought and murdered Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan and Prince William flew FUCKING RESCUE HELICOPTERS SAVING PEOPLE FROM SINKING BOATS Professionally As in his job All of these people guess what took NOT A SINGLE POUND in pay for this work Their money? Doesn't come from the taxpayers It comes from an agreement with Parliament in which they give over the revenues of the land THEY OWN in return for civil list payments The money they give is FAR more massive than what they take Also the tourism money they generate Shall I go on or can we just agree you're an uneducated twat who thinks that because you can take insults from some drunkard boss and climb a roof like a fucking jungle monkey that somehow you're some communist working class hero By the way That piece of shit YOUR FUCKING QUEEN served as an ambulance driver during WWII Younger than you are So wow way to slag a family of veterans you fuck ass 03 Like Reply 36m Uber Humor Steve holt failnation Murdered by words in broad daylight Meme


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Prince Harry





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