when u just let out a stank ass fart and u waiting for niggas to smell it Im over at my girls place for dinner She went all in for this Rose Petals on the ground candle lighting smooth music Everything was perfect until her Lasagna came out I’ve never tasted something so sinful Tasted like burnt rubber Im holding back my tears and this food in my mouth she got the nerve to say “I can see you like it Its my secret recipe” Secret recipe? Bitch squeezed the life out of some Hot Pockets for the cheese What did they do to deserve this? She must have been legally blind because my facial expression said she was bout to catch a Batista Bomb through this dinner table I couldn’t take this food I had to skip straight to desert Im on the couch eating this ass like its my last supper My girl says she’s about to go freshen up in the bathroom While waiting my homie Taj calls telling me the squad is about to get Lit I didn’t wanna leave be but that food had me fucked up Taj crib happens to be 5 minutes away Im walking there when Taj and the crew pulls up I hop in and we cruising We’re about to Hot Box the whip Blunts in rotation with the bros Im about to take a pull when my stomach starts trembling Holding in my shit and this Hit at the same time was trouble Im clenching my cheeks tight af so I won’t stink up the car I can feel my bubble guts getting worse This must be what Anal feels like I couldn’t take it I let it rip My fart came out silent I pass the blunt like nothing happen We was literally smoking some Gas The Deadly Fragrance embodied the car Im calmly about to light the next blunt when everyone smells it They blaming each other and I’m Playing along Im about to take another pull when I just let my whole insides out Fart sounded like we had a Wraith in the car My position has been compromised Taj drove the car right back round to my girls house I calmly existed the vehicle like in GTA when kicked from someones car I couldn’t have a decent meal or a night I tried to go back in my girls crib She was mad as fuck throwing my shit out the window Left me out in the rain like a usher video I’m single now I’m still not sure what gave me that gas the Lasagna or the ass Meme






Hot Pockets





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