When someone doesn't know Rick and Morty 0 Poor little Rickless ard marzgurl schwifty-memes marzgurl schwifty-memes marzgurl schwifty-memes marzgurl schwifty-memes marzgurl schwifty-memes marzgurl That’s okay I’m alright without it Trust me it doesn’t need you either Cool Neat We don’t need your lying toxic ass in any fandom Now get the fuck off my post Nah Why wanna get caught slipping again with Jewario And KickVic? Check out this expert who was totally there and knows every aspect about what happened in either of these subjects Stick to loving Rick Morty kid and stop getting your info from conspiracy theorists YouTubers Keep to the theme of your own blog Check out this loser trying to cover up bullshit that’s long been exposed Maybe you should stick to being irrelevant “Exposed” The same vocabulary used by right-wing extreme conspiracy theory YouTubers Like I said stick to Rick Morty You going off the rails and off topic is not going to make your followers happy Huh To me it seems like you don’t want people knowing you’re full of shit Subvert and deny That’s her MO same shit happened when you got called out for being shady in the past It all just must be a conspiracy against you You know when the whole change the channel thing blew up in your face after the allegations against Jewario came out Or when the hash tag you started exposed you for the clout chasing hippocrite you are But yeah you keep that narrative Nobody is here subverting or denying anything You’re willfully ignoring information being blatantly given to you in regards to JewWario 90% of the producers who made videos for Channel Awesome did not know what was happening His own wife had no idea We didn’t know until four years after he was already dead If you were really following those events last year you would know that Having compassion and empathy for victims of sexual assault and harassment has absolutely zero to do with chasing clout Stealing copyrighted material as well as other people’s memes and literally not caring that you’re doing it however? There’s 100% no reason to do that other than for your own clout Yeah I steal memes My followers know it and I never made any attempts to deny it But where in the world did I use any of that for clout? This was a meme blog that got huge in spite of its self Used mostly to store memes for a fandom I enjoy I never asked for likes reblogs or follows Nor do I profit in any way from this blog Since Im a faceless individual operating from one site what clout is there to be chased? But lets also ignore the fact that memes are created to be shared and passed around or that shit tons of other blogs do it You are willfully ignoring the evidence that points that a lot of channel awesome creators did know yourself included and hushed up about it You claim you have empathy yet continue to drag someones name through the mud Despite the fact there is more proof to his innocence than his guilt Especially when many of those allegations you backed were proven to be false Those conspiracy videos and threads continue to prove that So you can post your shitty youtube videos all you want Lord knows any sane individual would distance themself from that mess after it tanked But I really doubt any of your arguments will hold up in court Hey maybe well see Since Vic is heading up a defamation case One I wouldnt be surprised to see you caught up in Since theres TONS of proof you were involved with that situation Meme



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