What's with the Some new kid clogged the toilet ine? Did Somcone fall in? ohHm guess if ya gotta go You gota J Heah but W-wait! Arent Why are you NOU hub? to pee n-no! ?? mean КАЧЧDОIS What? A boy? Ohyeah Tremembr ou were a boy in 314 rak um 's not ew thats oss why are dressed yoa Are you realy a boy? Jiritp KRe a ew! Ave you a boy by КАЧЧDОIS giri??? EwBoys are you a le 9se stap Are you he Gross a OY arentllowed she n the Shor pretonding! givls loathroom Ew got out! That's None ok What you shourdbe asking ouress bow is as big as your head What did yov jus ay!? nothing but the iruth Sister Amyway my and pal Abathroom wth a better fashion sense are gonna go Wha2 oig head KAYYDOTTS Sorny aloout that pal I'm Cool 'm here but new those gi ls art Cull of crap y-yeah um why? Why what? Smoky What's Гyour hame? Stevinni hy d you help me Don't think you Ym weird? Eh To be honst 'm Just ike you wants to Kno w AS Tong as you are No matter you yoar business how much you Soy or gri? Who cares giri? grow UP you're you pal And Ahat's okay КАЧDОIIS Hey Wanna yo yo See coo trick Sure kayydotts Remember when people were bothered by transgenderunisex bathrooms? Well it bothered me that people didn’t take in to account about how conflicted a transgender person felt about going into thee “wrong” bathroom Anyway here’s The Classroom Gems’ new student Trans Smoky including their new friend Trans Stevonnie no matter how much I tried Smoky still looks like amethyst - prolly gonna change amethysts design a lil Edited Meme











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