webelieveinyoukris Being gay is natural? Okay You have three islands Divide them into groups of one The straight island the gay island and the lesbian island The straight island is going to reproduce and keep going strong for millions of generations to come The gay and lesbian islands will both wipe out in not even one century This isn't just about religion or t simple common sense Bei ing gay is unnatural and not just because God said so but because you yourself wouldn't even be born without a REAL natural man and woman And no there is no such thing as a lesbian bone marrow thing to have children That's a biased fact that came from a lesbian scientist who has false opinions If it's not a real penis or vagina then it's fucking false and you're just opinionated by dumb facts I'm done here Read over what I said and if you still think that being gay is normal and natural then I hope you achieve some common sense one day Bye yeinns Where is this gay island located asking for a friend queercakes just have SO MANY questions Why were we all separated onto different islands? Did the government sanction this? If so why? Why didn't we revolt against this tyrannical government? Where are these islands? How were they chosen? Are the continents of the world abandoned? What kind of resources are on each island? Are they the same or different? Does each island have a right to form its own govenment or does the government that segregated us still rule? If so what island do they rule from and how do they communicate with the other two islands? If they can communicate with the other two islands can all three islands communicate with each other? If the straight people keep reproducing won't their island become overpopulated and their resources depleted? Islands only have so much space right? Do straight people stop having gay kids? Isn't it a fact that to date straight people are the largest manufacturers of gay kids? If a gay kid is born on straight island do they get sent to their appropriate island? Wouldn't that aid in the re-population of gay and lesbian island? What about people who are attracted to more than one gender? Are they just lost at sea floating aimlessly? Is the ocean full of listless pansexuals fioating nowhere? Or are they trapped in some sort of purgatory because they don't fit on any one island? Are there trees on lesbian island? Is it conceivable that if there were a arge group of lesbians could build a boat? Have you ever seen lesbians around timber? If they built a boat could they travel to gay island? How far apart are the islands? If they could travel to gay island would they be able to collect semen return to lesbian island and repopulate the island? Would they be able to send some of those children to gay island? Do trans people exist in this world? If so wouldn't they be able to aid in repopulation? If the lesbians decided to declare war on the heterosexuals would they be able to reach their island? On the way to heterosexual island could the lesbians pick up the gays and scoop the floating bisexuals from the sea? If so would they all be able to go and attack heterosexual island together wiping out its people's stealing its children and taking all its resources? Does this fantasy world get you off at night? Please write back soon fieldbears Speaking up from the pansexual archipelago i too have these questions hellisbucky Checking in from bisexual bay The boats are nearly complete and are equipped with a special invisibility function We attack at dawn fieldbears Fuck the questions lemme on that boat I'm coming with you singoallala random ace just floating away into the sky like a balloon* jezunya I am so here for an asexual sky nation We live in fioating cities and master the wind currents Newly minted ace youths are sent up to us in baskets suspended under hot air balloons We breed giant birds to bear us through the skies or else build ourselves wings and gliders to fly in their midst The only land we know are the tallest mountain peaks and the world is a bright blue gem spreading out beneath us And we will of course be providing air support for the impending attack on Straight Island homieomorphism Long ago the four nations lived in harmony Then everything changed when the Hetero Nation attacked Sourcewebelieveinyoukris #just …like DUDE #also i love how absokuteky zero of this post's replies actually explain to op hiw they were dumb #instead they built the premise of a tv show that frankly needs to be funded asap 435477 notes Sometimes a post is so freaking dumb that the only response is ridiculousness Meme











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