WEAR ABC 3 News Pensacola shared a V link 1hr CVS puts out generic competitor to EpiPen at a 6th the price weartvcom 263 26 Comments 99 Shares Like Comment Share lethargicactionhero erykahisnotokay runawayhurricane totalharmonycycle southernrepublicangirl Ah the free market at work Similar to when I went to CVS to pickup a 90$ prescription and they had their own generic version for 799 This is important! Tell your Friends I can’t believe some insurances quit covering them 😐 From Slate The generic Adrenaclick will cost $10999 for two doses compared with $64999 for the same amount of drug in an EpiPen That’s good news both for financial and safety reasons STAT reported last year that some parents and institutions had begun filling up syringes with epinephrine as a cost-cutting measure a DIY solution that could pose great risk to the children who may have eventually needed injections A more affordable alternative will help ensure safer epinephrine injections That’s assuming though that the people who need these devices know exactly what to ask for when they’re sitting in their doctors’ offices Otherwise they’ll still be stuck with the overpriced product Here’s why The mechanism by which Adrenaclick injects the drug is slightly different from EpiPen’s mechanism so the Food and Drug Administration has ruled that the two are not therapeutically equivalent That distinction is important because it means a prescription for an EpiPen cannot be filled with Adrenaclick If you want the cheaper option you have to have an Adrenaclick prescription You must ask your doctor for an Adrenaclick prescription! I also found a coupon from Impax on 015mg and 03mg epinephrine injection USP auto-injectors which appear to be the generic version of Adrenaclick these coupons cover up to $100 per pack for 3 packs of these injectors 6 total injectors Some customers may be automatically eligible for $100 off the retail price thus only paying $10 for a pack but this may be good backup for those who for whatever reason do not meet those requirements Pass this information on potentially save a life Meme











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