Wanna come over to watch Netflix? Is it really just Netflix? She dressed so sexy & flirty today she must want to have sex with me! Consent A concept everyone needs to know Sexual consent is Yes! Ok! Umok? Clear expression on giving consent Not ready In a nutshell when you and your partner both agree to have sex It's important to have mutual understanding before things get too hot and heavy Only yes means yes When someone stays silent assume it's a no Do not force it on them They might freeze upon stress rather than flight or fight Silence or lack of resistance does NOT mean consent Consent applies to everyone I don't want sex No one owes you sex not even sex workers or your partner! Respect other people's will Consent is about communication I changed my mind It's ok Ask for consent every single time Also you can withdraw consent at any point if you feel uncomfortable Consent is Freely Given W Not being pressured or intimidated into sexual activity Reversible It's ok to withdraw Informed You understand what's going to happen Enthusiastic You're excited and you WANT to do this S pecific Saying yes one thing doesn't mean saying yes to other things! These aren't consent Being drunk 'Maybe Stripping 2 Hint hint Assuming they want it Kissing Silence or lack of response A Erection These are consent V Absolutely That feels good I like this V 'm open to trying V I'm ready Clear verbal cues V Don't stop Clear physical cues If you don't have consent it's a crime We wish you a merry Christmas! Stay safe! Best wishes @ Melibu7eduau and @taapna_ac Consent a concept every single person should know Drew this piece to explain consent collaboration with Aids Concern Organisation Hong Kong Wish you a safe and merry Christmas by lovaduck MORE MEMES Meme


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