Wait a second What exactly is the message being conveyed here? Feel free to sabotage the product for the sake of making your own job easier? This worker just removed 4764% of the material from the object he was assigned to transport! If one of his co-workers removed 4764% of his cube to simply make a smaller cube he'd move faster too And probably get fired for it If the worker is going to carve up his cube why not carve a cylinder? It'd be just as mobile as a sphere but he'd only have to remove 2146% of the mate- rial And it would require less work to carve While we're on the subject though how quickly did this worker carve a sphere out of a cube? Evi dently he didn't lose much headway And he did it with that little pen-knife? Seriously? Do you know how difficult it is to carve a perfect sphere from a cube? That's some Ron Swanson shit right there If the ultimate goal was to deliver a whole cube then the worker has already failed If the goal was to deliver as much of the material as quickly as possible then he should have cut 4 edges off the cube removing only 1716% An octagonal prism rolls just fine with less material and time wasted Don't Work Hard Work Intelligent But for all we know when the workers arrive at their destination they may be required to stack the objects In this case our so-called intelligent worker has delivered an object that won't stack Bravo intelligent worker! Bravo! Oh and it should read Work Intelligently laughoutloud-club Wait A Second Just Think About It Meme


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