VOTES WOMEN FOR 2015 1915 doctorsherlocklokison fandomsandfeminism eee-in fandomsandfeminism richwhitecismale Feminism then and now Mhm Those are two sets of women out being loud about issues that are important to them and other women Suffrage and sexual assault are both important issues then and now Not really seeing the point you’re trying to make? no actually the women on the left are fighting for their right to votes meanwhile the women on the right are just taking pride in how many random guys dicks they can shove down their throat You…don’t know what the purpose of Slut Walks is Awesome Nice to see how quickly the misogyny comes out when faced with ignorance In 2011 a Toronto police officer said women should “avoid dressing like sluts” to evade being sexually assaulted Heather Jarvis told NPR about the reasons for starting the Slut Walk “This idea is very very common that somehow people who experience sexual assault do something to attract it are asking for it or even deserve it And that’s not OK And it’s not the case So we decided to go down to Toronto police headquarters and tell the Toronto police that we had had enough and we demanded better and we wanted to raise awareness about these issues So we decided to call it a SlutWalk to use a language that the police officer used against us and throw it back at them” source These are all women who are fighting to be treated equally and equitably with men They all want to stop being seen as objects and be who they are without the influence of men or misogyny Why is this so difficult to understand Meme











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