Verizon 27% 117 AM during my freshman year of high school i took geometry and my teacher for that class regularly played music during class while we individually worked on assignmentsone time while he was playing a song i liked a lot came on and i said aloud wow i love this song! a friend of mine who sat across the classroom immediately shouted back no one cares about your music taste ryani knew this was lighthearted so i wasn't upset but good old Mr Olson didn't know we were friends and assumed i was being bullied-a reasonable assumption given that i was a very quiet and awkward new kid and reprimanded her docked points on her assignment and made her delivery an apology to me in front of the entire class the next day for the rest of the semester everyone in that class was scared to talk to me because they thought the teacher was going to do the same to them if he heard them being sarcastic with me this was a legacy that haunted me the entire two years that i attended that high school anyways the reason this is relevant is because that song was where is my mind by the pixies which is one of the songs on your profile cheers iconic as fuck I appreciate that story so much Type a message Send GIF Stitch It! Addy if you’re out there I know you cheated off my final exam in bio and six years later I’m still pissed at you And fuck you for making me dissect the rat by myself Meme











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