Valkyrie Does it ever get easy? Skulduggery You mean life? Valkyrie Yeah Does it get easy? Skulduggery What do you want me to say? Valkyrie Lie to me Skulduggery Yes it's terribly simple The good guys are always stalwart and true the bad guys are easily distinguished by their pointy horns or black hats and uh we always defeat them and save the day No one ever dies and everybody lives happily ever after Valkyrie Liar 300317 via 216 notes #ThrowbackThuraday Valkyrie Please? For me? Fletcher Don't do that Valkyrie What? Fletcher You think every time you say Please? For me? I'll do whatever you want well not this time Valkyrie Please? For me? Fletcher Okay 110517 245 notes via ThrowbackThursday I suppose I'll have to add the force of gravity to my list of enemies Valkyrie Cain probably via incorrectspquotes 010617 via 213 notes ThrowbackThursday China Do you want to know how I actually hurt my wrist? Valkyrie Yes China I was hula hooping attend a class for fitness and for fun Oh my God China I've mastered all the moves The pizza toss the tormado the scorpion the oopsie-doodle Valkyrie Why are you telling me this? China Because no one will ever believe you Valkyrie You sick son of a bitch 220517 692 notes submission #canzani-coil sculduggery pleasant china sorrows #valkyrie cain #source brooklyn nine nine #tw swearing People often ask me if I was in love with Skulduggery I always tell them the same thing How dare you speak to me China Sorrows probably 170317 245 notes skulduggery pleasant #china sorrows #source late night Christophe Nocturnal You know it's true what they say Behind every great man stands a strong woman Eliza Scorn I wouldn't know I've never stood behind a man 270517 145 notes kulduggery pleasant teliza scorn tchristophe nocturnal source aupergirl Skulduggery You all suspected Erskine was a traitor? Saracen I for one did not I thought Ravel was a professionally handsome desk person 030217 104 notes aubmission 003elwes akulduggery pleasant ferskine ravel tsaracen rue #skulduggery #source supergirl # 1a0odm spoilers I am 518 years old I can wear any face I choose I can speak languages your mouth can't even form Don't pretend to know me Skulduggery to Darquesse perhaps 130216 e notes submission 00jelwes sculduggery plessant akulduggery #darquesse #source supergirl imgipcom Skulduggery Pleasant incorrect quotes Meme





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