uHotpocket1229 ld ireddit l think my dog wants to be a mob boss for Halloween @DrSmashlove Dear Men a one piece animal sleeper onesie thingie with a hood is not a costume Ignore the lil animal ears on the hood bruv that’s just to make it cute - it’s not a costume - issa sleeper And them little footsies bruv? Them lil built-in footsies that u wearing OVER shoes onto the street getting it all dirty and worn out and tattered? Thems indoor footsies bruv Not outdoor Iss ruined now Who raised u bruv? Like when u were a kid and u had that onesie sleeper on and u tried to run out on the street to play with yo lil homies yo mama ain’t grab u by the upper arm brang u inside and whup ya ass for dirtying the footsie feets bruv? I’m appalled This sh!t appalling I got a lil homegirl who if u send her a d!ck pic she will reverse stalk yo phone number and find out who u mama is and get her cell phone number and text her to tell her “Your son is sending pics of his pen!s I thought you may wish to know” Yes She do this She’s beautiful and she get a lot of them so she had to I might need to start telling yo mama that u out here in these streets dirtying yo onesie footsies bruv THEMS INDOOR FOOTSIES NOT FOR OUTDOOR WEAR-AND-TEAR SMH YALL GOT THE GAME FVCKED UP AND MOST IMPORTANT ISS NOT A COSTUME ISSA SLEEPER BLESS UP 😩😂😂😂 Meme



Bless up








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