U B UBR BUSINESS NY TO RAISE DRIVER PAY July 3 New York City regulators are moving to raise wages for Uber drivers and drivers on other ridesharing apps New York City regulators are moving to raise wages for drivers on Uber and other ride-hailing apps This decision makes New York the first major American city to put pay rules in place for the ride-hailing companies The proposal intends to bring drivers’ pay in line with New York’s $15- hour minimum wage ___ The Taxi and Limousine Commission released a study addressing the issue at hand Uber drivers and drivers for other ride sharing companies are underpaid and 85% of them do not make over minimum wage The study states “the drivers’ low pay has persisted despite the rapid growth of the industry” ___ The study explains that if a ride-hailing app driver’s earnings fall below $1722-hour over the course of a week the companies have to make up the difference The study suggests companies can afford to absorb this cost by lowering their commissions about an average of 10-25% of passenger fares The study reveals the median net hourly earnings in the ride-hailing app industry is about $1425 ___ The New York pay rules would apply to the four major car service apps Uber Lyft Via and Juno These four ride-hailing apps provide more than 10000 trips each day in New York ___ Alix Anfang a spokeswoman for Uber said the proposal could hurt “riders through substantially increased prices and reduced service” ____ The Taxi and Limousine Commission’s study did not address yellow cab drivers Meme



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