ua_slinky ld imgur This is Iggy He is everything that is good in this world @DrSmashlove LET’S KEEP IT 600 HAVE YALL EVER MET SOMEONE NAMED STEPHANIE AT A WORK FUNCTION AND THEN U GOOGLE STEPHANIE AND U ELEVENTEEN PAGES DEEP ON STEPHANIE’s GOOGLE RESULTS AND U GET TO STEPHANIE’s WEBSITE ON “theknot” AND U JUST LIKE “wow they posed in front of the Bucks stadium wearing matching Bucks jerseys LMAO” AND U LOOKING THRU THE GROOMSMEN FOR ROGER THE GROOM AND U SCROLLING THRU “Todd Frat Brother” “Jeff The Troublemaker Editor’s Note Jeff is always overweight with a baby face and is wearing a bow tie lmao” and u get to “Kelly the Groomswoman” AND U JUST LIKE “wow I wonder if Stephanie low key hates Kelly and wonders if once just once Kelly got extra drunky at college at smashed Roger but they never smashed again but Roger still low key loves her and thinks about her lol wow that’s wild Kelly u wild started at a bar crawl now u here LMAO LMAO” SO U GOOGLE “Kelly Patterson” AND FIND OUT THAT SHE ACTUALLY HAS A BOYFRIEND NAMED RICK AND U WONDER IF THE BOYFRIEND IS A LITTLE TIGHT THAT MAYBE KELLY SMASHED ROGER TOO AND THEN IT DAWNS ON U IT DAWNS ON U BRUV RIGHT THEN AND THERE U HAVE GOOGLE STALKED THIS WEB OF FRIENDS INTO THE Nth MOTHERFVCKING DIMENSION BRUV IT’S NOWHERE TO TAKE IT NOW WHAT’S THE LIMIT? HAS SCIENCE GONE TOO FAR? AND THEN U FEEL LOW KEY SAD AND IT DAWNS ON U THAT U NEED TO GET RIGHT WITH GOD BUT U DECIDE TO SEE WHO KELLY IS FOLLOWING AND LOW AND BEHOLD SHE FOLLOWS SMASH and u wondering do she follow for the pups? The captions? Both? 😜 SO REALLY U AIN’T STALKING AT ALL U JUST GAZING DOWN AT YO FOLLOWERS FROM UP HIGH ON YO LONELY INSTAGRAM PERCH AND NOW INSTEAD OF FEELING CREEPY U CONSIDERING DM’ing HER LIKE “aye so did u smash Roger? 😏Lmao 🤓” BUT THEN U REMIND YOURSELF TO CHILL HAPPY FRIDAY 🤗😂😂😂 Meme











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