TYPOGRAPHICAL TONE OF VOICE 145 when did tumblr collectively decide not to use unctuation like when did this happen why is this a thing it iust looks so smooth I mean look at this sentence flow like a jungle river The popularity of this and similar posts both confirms that the describing a phenomenon widely recognized by fellow posters were neers and helped acculturate new users into the norms of the plat- form such as signaling that a question is rhetorical or ironic by ask- ing it without a question mark Ruhl cites another self-referential widely shared multiauthored post this time from 2016 At first glance it seems like it's primarily emphasis but those examples example of different kinds of an interspersed in a neutral minimal- are ist carrier sentence i think it's really Cool how there are so many ways to express emphasis Completely different it's #wild TM on tumblr and they're all #EmphasisTM WHAT HAVE YOU DONE The hashtagged initial-capped space-stretched trademarked HEmphasisTM is a break in the system it's got too many things ng on at once to be interpretable as more than a joke But the reply all-capped WHAT HAVE YOU DONE is simultaneously emphatic and minimalist it signals strong feeling from the all caps and a rhe- torical question from the question syntax without a question mark lumblr users were pography but it wasn't just a Tumblr thing it also started flourishing particularly self-reflexive about minimalist ty- allthingslinguistic hi hello alert so that classic tumblr flowing jungle river post is now cited in a real book like an actual paper book and it’s called because internet and it’s all about the evolution of internet language and how TUMBLR DID THE THING and you can get it here Meme











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