Twitter Archive search through all of Trump's tweets Collections Additional Accounts FAQS Support football! I already know the winners Good night 9 I am at Trump National Doral-best resort in US 10 Donald Trump's Palm Beach mansionwhich I turned into the greatest club in the world Donald J Trump @realDonaldTrump September 23 2013 11 Many people have commented that my fragrance Success is the best scent & lasts the longest 12 Many people have said I'm the world's greatest writer of 140 character sentences 83 tweets with fool 13 Many are saying I'm the best 140 character writer in the world Dopey Sugar @Lord Sugar-you are the worst kind of loser-a Key to solving issues total fool 1 Nobody but Donald Trump will save Israel 2 Nobody knows jobs like I do! - Donald J Trump @realDonaldTrump December 10 2012 3 Nobody understands politicians like I do 4 Nobody beats me on National Security 72 tweets with pathetic 5 Nobody would fight harder for free speech than me 6 Nobody can beat me on the economy and jobs Sleep eyes ChuckTodd is killing Meet The Press Isn't he pathetic? Love watching him fail! 7 Nobody will protect our Nation like Donald J Trump 8 Nobody more against ObamaCare than me 9 Nobody has more respect for women than Donald Trump! 10 No-one has done more for people with disabilities than me - Donald JTrump @realDonaldTrump July 12 2015 11 Illegal immigration Our Southern border is unsecure I am the only one that can fix it 64 tweets with variations of haters and losers 12 Illegal immigration Such a big problem for our country-l will solve 13 Infrastructure The only one to fix the infrastructure of our country is me Sorry losers and haters but my IQ is one of the highest-and you 14 Infrastructure l am the only one that knows how to build cities all know it! Please don't feel so stupid or insecureit's not your fault 15 Infrastructure all falling apart I can fix for 20% of pols & better 16 ISIS ISIS is still running around wild I can fix it fast - DonaldJ Trump @realDonaldTrump May 9 2013 17 IsIS 5000 ISIS fighters have infiltrated Europe Also many in US ITOLD YOU SO! I alone can fix this problem! 18 Jobs I will create jobs like no one else 52 tweets with moron 19 Jobs I am the only presidential candidate who will bring jobs back to the USand protect car industry! 20 Jobs I will bring our jobs back to the US and keep our companies from leaving Nobody else can do it 21 Making America great I am the only one who can Make America Great Again If the morons who killed all of those people at Charlie Hebdo would 22 Making America great If I run and if I win our country will be great again 23 Moving jobs to Mexico I am the only one who can fix this Very sad have just waited the magazine would have folded no money no succesS 24 Obamacare 'We will immediately repeal and replace ObamaCare and nobody can do that like me 25 Slow GDP I TOLD YOU SO! Only I can fix 26 Social Security I am going to save Social Security without any cuts I know where to get the money from Nobody else Donald J Trump @realDonaldTrump January 14 2015 does 27 Tax laws·I know our complex tax laws better than anyone who has ever run for president and am the only one who can fix them 28 Terrorism At least 67 dead400 injured I alone can solve In that @TimeWarner has @HBO with really dumb racist Bryant 29 Terrorism TIME FOR A CHANGE I WILL SOLVE- AND FAST! Gumbeland I mean dumb and no CBS which fired Bryant I am switching bldgs 30 Tough calls Govt collapsing in IraqSadly I called this one and please remember I alone called it 31 Veterans Affairs lI will fix VA quickly - Donald J Trump @realDonaldTrump August 30 2013 32 Why are people upset w me over Pres Obama's birth certificate? I got him to release it or whatever it was when nobody else could! 45 tweets with clown On Global Warming @FrankLuntz your so-called focus groups are a total joke Don't come to my office looking for business again You are a clown! 1 Global warming is an expensive hoax! 2 Global warming is a HOAX 3 Global warming is a total and very expensive hoax! Donald J Trump @realDonaldTrump August 7 2015 4 Global warming is a total hoaxl 5 Global warming is a con Meme

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