Trevor 12 hrs I have to admit when Greta Thunberg began gaining popularity for her activism earlier this year I didn't pay it much mind and just assumed it was another person complaining about global climate change without proposing andor engaging in tangible real world solutions So when I saw that she won TIME magazine's person of the year I figured she has made great strides in combating climate change and therefore I should probably take notice and take a look into how she is doing it and what she has proposed Thankfully I didn't have to look far since many people were posting her greatest hits here on FB I admit she appears quite passionate and she makes compelling points that something needs to be done to reverse climate change all while being critical of everyone that says something needs to be done but without proposing real world tangible solutions that can broadly be applied to society So I keep watching and waiting for these solutions As the videos draw to an end I am yet to see anything of substance Am I missing the part two of these? What is unique about her brand of activism? Is it just the accent? I am seriously interested in what reaction and results her activism has yielded Can someone please explain it to me? I do have some issues with her undeniable facts and climate change activists I will do my best to follow-up in the comments andor other posts Ben Grelle Yes why isn't the 16-year old solving this crisis? What the hell dude? Greta submitted the IPCC report as her testimony before Congress That is what she bases her science on as well as 99% of climate scientists and that is where she asks people to go to look for the data and some of the solutions We won't have all the solutions as much of the research and emerging tech isn't well funded yet I don't think it is her responsibility to solve this She is asking politicians to take this seriously And she is inspiring a new generation to not be apathetic on this topic That is what her activism is based on And I think that is plenty If you really want to look at the real world solutions you can read the same report she did There are 3 parts The summaries for policymakers are the easiest to understand and a good place to start You may need to download some PDFS httpswwwipccchsr15 httpswwwipccchreportsrccl httpswwwipccchsrocchome sirfrogsworth Apparently you can’t be a climate activist unless you know how to literally solve climate change Some other gems in the comments… “She’s basically Hitler!” “Why isn’t she a seasoned public speaker who can give spontaneous answers to one of the world’s most complicated issues?” “She’s just a propagandist for all of those greedy climate scientists who make an average of $35-50K per year!” And my favorite… “Why doesn’t she time travel and sabotage Time Magazine’s printing press?” Being an advocate for the world not ending is exhausting But if even one of them reads even the summaries I will be happy Here are the links to the report for anyone interested They actually improved the website quite a bit from the last time I visited I don’t even think you need to download PDFs for most of the information PROGRESS! httpswwwipccchsr15httpswwwipccchreportsrcclhttpswwwipccchsrocchome Meme











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