Top questions I get asked about my ItWorks business Is it a pyramid scheme? 1 NO A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme rather than supplying investments or sale of products or services ItWorks is A Direct Sales company 2 Do you make all kinds of money just for signing someone up? X NO I actually make ZERO $ if someone who joins my team never does anything with their business Just signing you up is no benefit to me I need to help you be successful 3 Do you really get paid by ItWorks?? YES My team and I earn income several ways Monthly commission weekly $99 bonuses Get Out Of Debt bonuses and wrap cash We even get paid a day sometimes a few early each month! 4 Do you have to spend hundreds of $'s to do this business each month? NO We have a monthly autoship that ensures we are qualified for commission We can order anything we want Order 2 boxes of wraps for $120 and sell them every month to make $200 that alone covers autoship and gives you $80 in profit 5 Are you the only person I have to help me and answer questions? NOIHAVE a personal team page and several others with TONS of team members to answer questions and help you 6 Do I have to host in home parties? NO you are more than welcome to However it is not a requirement to be successful You can host online parties too! 7 What if I decide to do this business and then I decide I don't want to anymore Is there a penalty or contract?? NO You simply turn off your website and that's that You remain a Distributor in case you want to order product at our wholesale cost but there is no obligation or penalty if you decide you don't want to be in the business anymore 8 Am I required to purchase tons of inventory to keep on hand? NO The only recommendation I have is to have wraps on hand So you can sell them and make money That's what most people want to try anyway because no one else carries this wrap Everything else is directly shipped from Corporate to a clients home address Do I need to have previous sales experience? 9 XNO I have every type of personality on our team What I can't teach you is fearlessness consistency and drive That's all you need to bring to the table This isn't a sales business this is relationships business Have any other questions? Contact me today! MAKE It Works! INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR THE MONEY YOU DESERVE drean BICI & WORK What the hell is this Get Out of Debt bonus? If it isn't a paycheck you should really reconsider Meme

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