toodrunktofindaurl my brother is getting married and i'm so excited to fulfill my destiny as the embarrassing drunk gay sister who flirts with the bride for the entire ceremony toodrunktofindaurl i'm gonna yell RUN AWAY WITH ME to her during the vows toodrunktofindaurl there are people out there genuinely worried that I'm gonna steal my brother's bride away the day of their wedding i'm laughing I've known her since I was born we just love annoying the shit out of my brother and this you picked the wrong sibling joke has been going on for as long as I can remember The whole family is in on it The three of us are super close she's always been family Also we are really bad at romantic weddings my Mom wore jeans at my Dad's and hers signed a bunch of papers and then got blackout and my brother and his girlfriend p won't even have a real ceremony just a cele- bration between friends and family I love my brother and he already knows I'm gonna pull some stupid stunt it's what we do His girl friend is usually the one to initiate these shitty jokes I wouldn't be surprised if she was the one to stop the ceremony to say some shit like WAIT THIS IS THE WRONG SIBLING please don't take any of this seriously Imao that said i'm definitely showing up half naked to her bachelorette party as the surprise strip- per with a sash that says the sibling your should be marrying and a shitty plastic tiara toodrunktofindaurl UPDATE 1 for people confused about the I've known her since I was born she's always been family She's the granddaughter of our parents' neighbors we all grew up together and my brother and her have been in love since they were babies He held her hand as she made her first steps they even have a picture on their wall of the moment before she first tried to get up ITS OFFICIAL I'M GONNA BE MY BROTHER'S BEST MAN AND YOU KNOW WHAT THE BEST MAN DO? A SPEECH Everything is going according to plan vantwinblade If you are the best man you need to get a sword systlin This is true it's only logical Source toodrunktofindaurl 52029 notes Thats so cute tbh Meme











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