Today at 832 PM Well Iz seeing as you left me clearly a bit upset without a word yet again for over two days now I suppose I'll take the time to shine a light on the degradation of whatever it is we have since you abandoned me at the convention and went home shortly thereafter to highlight all of the space you've put between us with little to no explanation as well as the unjustified ways you've treated me all the while talking to me as little as possible putting an accurate recreation of the Grand Canyon between us The first red flag that a communication break down was occurring happened when you decided you needed some space when visiting I had offered and thought you agreed to staying with meIt made logical sense you'd save money on a hotel we could hang out and get to know one anotherI even had a female roommate so you weren't stuck with some stranger and yet you took it upon yourself to book an AirBnb without my knowledge not long after arriving I had to ask you precisely four different ways before you were finally straight forward with your desires but I still T had to just about pry whatever problems out of you because you just wouldn't talk to me Then before the convention was even over you avoided me like I was a Rat that had sworn the plague upon you Then before you went home you childishly deleted me off Facebook to try to remove me from anything that might tell me what's actually going on Those are not the actions of someone who claims to care about another edited The follow-up you said verbatim you wanted to be strictly platonic which wassomething else You steadily sent less and less messages and like now you simply don't even read my messages and disappear mid-conversation for days at a time You don't tell me if there's a problem if you need space if you are just absolutely swamped to the point where you legitimately can't respond which I doubt anything I know literally nothing about anything going on with you and haven't except for a select few things from my own doing This leads well into the next point edited Your use of obscene words left me upset which is at least a little bit reasonable if not entirely Instead of talking to me and helping me understand what's going on with you you get vague and block me from the only platforms that might lead me to learn what's actually going on with you We are both adults capable of talking to each other are we not? Or is your brain as pubescent as your body? I'm sorry that not everything with me is endless roses I am a flawed and emotional human I recognize that and try to aid in my flaw corrections and having you basically shit on me when I'm trying to tell you I'm upset and why sucks something fierce The only times you've had conversations with me is when the topic is 100% on you then you go poof Before you visited we talked a lot About your failing relationship and health our mutual hobbies seriously thought we had something but I guess that was a lapse in my judgement Even when you ignored me left me for the wolves I still wanted to know what was going on with you I still wanted to have conversations of substance Instead I'm no longer worth making time for or even worth an explanation I'm sorry I wasn't the dream come true you had hoped for or even worth an explanation I'm sorry if that has negatively colored any desire to keep talking to me All I've ever desired was honesty and if you could at least give me that now an apology it would be nice but not without an ounce of venom I can say that I don't expect it I understand you well at this point My ex accused me of ptttenng her on a texting schedule much like you did when I simply voiced my hope to hear from her a bit more than once every 3 hours which I eventually acquiesced to since she made it clear that it was just how she was I am familiar with over reaction that I can only imagine stems from someone previously pressuring for excess communications but no one likes being prouected on The way you responded to my concern upset and worry was abysmal to say the least It brings up a quote from a song in mind I'm tired of the weight when you lean on me If I fell you would never stay to carry me That is to say I doubt you would even be there for me like I have for you if I needed you to and that hurts like Hell Yesterday at 835 PM I can't help but wonder if you even knew me at all otherwise you wouldn't be treating me the way you have Yesterday at 940 PM Because you're apparently inept I'm only going to entertain this one last time Yesterday at 951 PM From the very beginning I was clear that my only intention with you was strictly platonic not once did my actions or intentions deter from that I refused to share a place with you as you made it clear when I was planning on visiting for my friends wedding that there was some one sided feelings on your part I didn't feel comfortable boarding with you for that reason alone which should have been enough in it's own Just because your roommate is the same gender as me doesn't cancel out the fact you BOTH were strangers people I've never met before I booked an Airbnb to be closer to the friends reception you know the main reason I was even in Portland? I find it funny how you neglect to mention even now how was moving out prior to me visiting so the there's someone else living here huuur duur argument is bullshit Speaking of she sent me some texts between you two learn to keep your fucking hands to yourself No is a sentence in its ownyou aren't entitled to anything let alone someone else's body I told you up front I had a long term partner It doesn't matter if we were rocky or not learn to respect a persons relationship statusI esterday at 1000 PM I told you repeatedly that ALL of your advances were making me uncomfortable were unwanted and not mutual What did you do? You pretend you don't hear me telling you no to fuck off When I got up off the couch you went in a huff What can I expect from someone who doesn't believe in consent? Of course I'm going to start blocking you out who wouldn't? You exhibit predatory behavior and have no moral compass Your own friends called you out when you were making SEXUALLY charged remarks over a teenager bending over Disgusting you repulse me I'd rather have a prepubescent body and brain then be as deluded as you are thinking you're the best thing since cheese Because you're dense let me be clear Leave me alone Stop texting me my friends and calling my work Stop making anonymous accounts to try to contact me Stop trying spin this false narrative into you being the victim and get some fucking professional help Message @NecroFitz I'm messaging you here because I just don't feel safe around you Before we moved in together I asked you if you had any feelings for me from past actions and you said no so we moved in together In February you told me you liked me i told you I wasn't interested You dropped it until started seeing someone and banned them from our flat You ate stuff you will answer the door as im still on the lease or i will call and get the police involved Go ahead and call the Police or are you just forever going to go by from what your dad did to you? See that's what you do You're someone who thinks they're always the victim when in reality you're nothing but a bully You knew I was struggling financially yet you constantly bought an absorbent amount of crap and never offered even scraps Instead of giving your life real substance our apartment became a place of desolation all my food without me asking threw out my stufd constantly went in to my room and used my bathroom stuff when I asked you not to In march i told you I wasn't happy with the living arrangements and wanted to move out you took it up by kissing me and trying to rush your hands down my pants I told you no and left I dont see you until march you know that im rightfully avoding you and weasle your way into a friends birthday party You again kissed me when i was drunk and when things escalated and i sobered up you told me you dont believe in consent This is the last time im warning you to leave me alone before i go to the police my mom and brother will be coming by tomorrow at 2 to grab the rest of my stuff you will answer the door as im still on the lease or i will call and get the police involved Move out if you want that's probably what's best for me anyway I can't fathom why I ever nurtured my feelings towards you I kissed you again at Adam's party because you kept staring at me glancing over whenever you got the chance If you don't want to defame every man you meet how about stop giving them fuck me eyes? 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