TIFU by saying the worst possible thing in a restaurant This happened a few hours ago in a busy buffet restaurant in a hotel in Austria Being a buffet restaurant people were pretty much always wandering from table to food and back again so there was constant steam of mainly Austrian and German people passing our table We've been here a few days you start to recognise people and my two young sons have made a few friends a I was joking with the kids that I'd left their Nintendo Switch at home they suspected I was joking but went along with it anyway So when I told them I had brought it they wanted to check I brought it I said Our Switch? Yes Our Switch What?!! OUR Switch?! Yes!! OUR Switch! They got louder and we started just repeating it laughing I noticed my wife frowning at me or past me it didn't really register OUR SWITCH? OUR SWITCH! Ha! Then my wife really started signalling to me to shut up-I was like it's ok it's a buffet OUR SWITCH! Ha! OUR SWITCH! Then my wife leaned in and urgently whispered it sounds like you are all shouting Auschwitz My whole body went cold with the realisation Needless to say I immediately stopped placed my hand on my eldest son's knee and he - seeing the look on my face stopped straight away the 3 year old did one final shout before I could stop him I have avoided eye contact with all other hotel guests since TLDR Shouted Auschwitz loudly happily repeatedly in a restaurant full of Germans and Austrians I'm really sorry Accidentally shouting Auschwitz in an Austrian restaurant Meme




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