This is Ralph It's his first time out in public 1110 good boy Reddit uaaronr93 @DrSmashlove A necessary part of adulthood is obtaining that COSTCO flex Without delay here go the couple gems u can’t leave COSTCO without 1 Two Brothers coffee 2 lb bag $1799 This isht right HERE bruv? This is one of them joints that pay for the membership itself Do me a favor and go to whole food A 12 ounce bag run u $1299 Here go THIRTY TWO OUNCES for $1799 I feel like I won the lotto every time I buy this U will need a grinder but that’s light work - TREAT YOSELF 2 Ito En sencha and matcha tea bags You get 100 wrapped tea bags Brew the sencha and then add milk and honey and then empty the matcha from the bag on top BLAM U a barista now Have a lil lady over like “aye baby u want a fresh ground Two Brothers latte - it’s a local beer brewery that happens to make killer coffee - or do u want a green tea latte made with the realeast authentic green tea from Japan?” She gon look at u and a single tear will form in her eye He ex used to drag her a$$ to Starbucks order a $5 drink and then pat his own body down like he the police and make HER pay for HIS coffee talmbout “I forgot my wallet baby I’ll get you next” Now YOU hand-crafting her morning beverage from scratch You upgrading HER off of that COSTCO flex JEW HEARD!! 🤫😍😂 3 MyMo mochi balls 18 pcs One tray has six - perfect for Netflix and chill at the end of a long week “But smash that’s only three mochis per person? My girl like to eat” BIH I SHARE MY COFFEE + TEA NOT MY MOCHI I NETFLIX AND CHILL MYSELF AND FOCUS ON THE PLOT SHE GOTTA GET HER OWN “oush cream” *michelle tanner from full house voice* FAWKUMEAN 😂 4 Siggi’s yogurt Siggi’s is made the Iceland way Like the Cheeto said “why can’t we get more immigrants from countries like Norway?” BECAUSE U BRAINDEAD MORON THEY DONT WANNA COME TO THIS SH!THOLE COUNTRY THAT ELECTED YOU 😂 This is natural skyr yogurt that taste sweet + wondrous like the Nani of a comely tall blond Icelandic woman wearing only fur boots whispering sweet nothings in your ear that vaguely sound German but mostly like gibberish Now u too can COSTCO flex Bless up 😍😂😂😂 Meme



Bless up








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