THINGS REALLY WERE PERFECT HISTORY OFT HEBATMAN I'M ILL HAVE TO CONGRATULATE SEVEN WEEKS DICK PREGNANT HE'S ONLY BEEN BACK FOR THREE SHE'S PREGNANT 50 Tales for 50 Years A Celebration of Barbara Gordon - 2014 Older Wounds In the mainstream continuity of Batman comics since Batgirl's debut in Detective Comics 359 the dynamic between Bruce Wayne and Commissioner Gordon's daughter has been platonic However in other alternate timelines such as the animated Batman Beyond television universe created by Bruce Timm and even the extended comic book universe of this future Gotham it is shown that Bruce and Barbara have had a romantic companionship In the Batman Beyond comic universe both Bruce and Barbara's dynamic and the falling out between Dick Grayson and Batman are explored in @KyledHiggins and Alec Siegel's Batman Beyond 20 issue 28 illustrated by Phil Hester Eric Gapstur and Craig Rousseau As part of the Mark of the Phantasm arc Terry McGinnis is told about the time when Dick Grayson returns from Bludhaven to Gotham City and the romantic flame between him and Babs reignites Come to Barbara's surprise however she is 7 weeks pregnant but it can't be Grayson's child he has only been back to Gotham for 3 weeks Barbara visits Bruce in the Batcave who asks why she hasn't been around for a while Barbara tells Bruce she's pregnant with his child with his reaction being he wants to stay out of breaking the news to Dick This quickly changes when Bruce talks to Dick anyway confesses that while he was gone from Gotham he had an affair with Barbara and now she's pregnant Enraged and hurt as Dick gets into a fist fight with Bruce Barbara is in an alley trying to stop a mugging when she gets hit in the stomach and falls to the ground ending in her losing the baby by miscarriage In an interview with DC Comics after this story originally was released Higgins stated From Barbara’s standpoint it’s like trying to date your ex-boyfriend’s brother Or from Bruce’s standpoint your brother’s ex-girlfriend It’s not exactly a healthy move Of course that’s what makes it so interesting ✌🏼💜💛📖🎨🎉 Meme




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