They called corn rows fam Chighoffmelanin These called I want to fit in so bad and have one black friend fam Blah blah blah I don't wanna hear it's our hair we can do what we want Braids aren't just for black girls you're racist none of that These images are from a white girl that does hair Mostly braids and sew ins and most of her clients are white This is cultural appropriation and it is because what race do you know that walks around with colored hair creative styled hair protective styles & weave ? Black girls Y'all just want these styles so you can credited for it applaud and so somebody can say omg you look like a black girl or omg your hair is so cool you just want an image of I have my hair like a black girl STOP TRYING TO FIT IN It's annoying and disrespectful Since you wanna be us so bad then be ready to deal with everything else we have to deal with Y'all wanna listen to rap and say nigga and wear braids but don't want to march with us and back us up on the stand Goodbye ✌️ people wonder why these styles look awkward on white people BECAUSE ITS NOT FOR THEM icantbreathe amerikkka problack blackpride blackpower blackexcellence notmyflag whitesupremacy whitepriviledge panafrican blacklivesmatter nubian blacksupremacy blackisbeautiful rbg nubian racialequality melaninn sandrabland whitesupremacy whitepriviledge blackmedia blackisbeautiful blackgirlsrock blackqueen wakeup blackout policebrutality naturalhair justiceorelse millionmanmarch beyonce whitegirlsdoitbetter rbg Meme






white girl




Black Girl

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