theincediblesulk wicked-universe dontbugmeimantisocial captain-childishfirewarrior peppermimint giantchicken drawology pipesandrage tophatting all1sees fumblingfirebird cantankerouscrab #I CAN SEE THE STITCHINGS OKAY GODDAMN THIS ANIMATION IS GORGEOUS #and then you have people only going about how ~hot~ he is because fuck you can see the lines under his eyes and even red on the edges of the whiteness of his eyes and frost on the edgES OF HIS CLOTHING but^ seriously the amount of detail and animation in ROTG is just AMAZING I felt like I could reach out and feel the fabric of their clothes of Tooth’s feathers and oh my god these people are amazing Tooth’s feathers have this purple sheen on the lower half of her body and it’s only apparent when her knees are bent or the angle is right And Jack has kinda splotchy skin and scraggly canine teeth and salt and pepper eyebrows AND TOOTH HAS FLAWLESSLY MANICURED NAILS THIS MOVIE IS GORGEOUS DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE PARTICLE EFFECTS FOR ALL THE SAND this is the kind of post I’ve been waiting for yes to everything What’s even more amazing is a bunch of nerds created that shit I wish they got more praise for the amazing shit they do all the time I remember one of the guys showing me the sand tests he used to work for NASA NASA FUCKING NASA EVERYBODY!!! AND AS A SIDE NOTE PETER RAMSEY who directed Rise of the Guardians ALSO DIRECTED SPIDER-VERSE @theangstking @jynxlovesluck Meme




oh my god







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