The water with calcium in it to a point of an undrinkable state the fact that they stopped Me from seeing my kids the recordings I have of the police and social workers messing about with my head The fact I then got sectioned To most that's called been helped by society to me its called been used as a Guinea pig Humans grow with lights just like any plant does We flower we 17 September at 1810 When you actually look into the place I live it tells a different story to what the company who housed me stated Its not actually the company who own it its the communities and housing agency the paper work had a government crest on it and there's cameras outside every door not just the entrance and exit it is one of the first places if not the first plaxwa around here to switch over to LED lights I know I've gone on about this in the past but as far as I know we haven't grown human beings with LEDS for a long term period yet so how do we know if its all safe Do we know the safety risks do they actually pass health and safety as there has been controversy that these lights can damage the retina bloom So now for my final question can anybody please tell me why LEDs are only placed in the poorer areas As well as lizard tanks day and night exo terra LED lights This building is still dodgy the verdict has spoken the cost £330 PER WEEK!!! PPEERRR WEEK!! and the government fund it they are paying them selves to operate an experiment with LED lights on people who are poor its sad really if people look around they will see the changes personally I think it's a good step but still transparency is wanted in this area I've read some of the On the plus side of things LEDS at the correct output can kill bacteria and reduce the chance of catching a virus which is UV-C My point governments terms and conditions and people need to agree to be placed into buildings like this as there is a camera outside the door I was referred by a psychiatrist And now I get observed once a week The end That's why I When has anybody been told about any of this For all most know one company owns it and the lights aren't any different I still have questions just bare with me let me rack my brains but either way There has been no transparency I feel they have tried to silence me slightly and that they keep trying to make out its paranoia when I can actually see it with my own eyes don't speak much Rant KO'D 2 5 comments Like Share Comment Don’t have a clue what any of this means Meme









Guinea Pig


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