The water hears and understands six CROWS of The ice does not forgive PART 1 SHADOW BUSINESS oost had two problems the moon and his moustache He was supposed to be making his rounds at the Hoede house but for the last fifteen minutes he'd been hovering around the south-east wall of the Eardens trying to think of something clever and romantic to say to Anya If only Anya's eyes wete blue like the sea or green like lovely an emerald Instead her e yes were brown dreamy melted chocolate brown! Rabbit fur brown! Just tell her she's got skin like moonlight his friend Pieter had said *Girls love that A perfect solution but the Ketterdam weather was not cooperating There'd been no breeze off the harbour that day and agrey milk fog had wreathed the city's canals and crooked alleys in damp Even here among the mansions of the Geldstraat the air hung thick with the smell of fish and bilge water and smoke from the refineries on the citys outer islands had smeared the night sky in briny hate The full moon looked less 1ike a jewel than a yellowy blister in need of lancing Maybe he could compliment Anya's laugh! Except he'd never heard het laugh He wasn't very good with jokes Joost glanced at his reflection in one of the glass panels set into the double doors that led from the house to the side gatden His mother was right buffonia six of crows by leigh bardugo Meme











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