The Spirit of the Virgin Ornate headdress draws attention to his THE CHAD KING OF EVIL meticulously styled hair Wears hat to conceal unkempt hair Keeps his Gerudo Desert tan despite being sealed away in total darkness Takes his Triforce by force Power represents the most Alpha of the trinity Only speaks in short grunts because he's too afraid to speak his mind or say anything that might offend others Actively defies Goddesses Kidnaps princesses to get what he wants and only puts himself in danger because he feels like it Readily puts himself in danger for women and the Goddesses even though it provides him no Pale skin due to spending too much time in dungeons return Dark clothes represent he is fully knowledgeable of the endless cycle of futile combat that dominates Hylian destiny Proceeds anyway Bright clothes indicate child ish outlook on life Is only mortal Has to constantly be reincarnated to put a stop to the threat he failed to stop before So masculine he can wear nail polish and nobody dares question it Frame so small that even a moblin could kill him Carries useless items Pretty much impossible to kill At best he can be mildly inconvenienced by being temporarily sealed away everywhere instead of only bringing the essentials Had to have his piece of the Triforce handed to him So buff that he is literally impervious to damage by mere mortals - can survive being stabbed directly in the heart Courage - merely represents a participation award Has never carried anything in his life Jogs and tumbles his way to his destination is still too late Regularly relies on a horse for long distance travel Highly effeminate but tries in vain to act masculine Only embraces femininity if he has an excuse Teleports to his destination whenever he feels like it Is incredibly talkative and boastful Always makes sure to put down others whenever possible Only rides a horse for leisure Virgin Hero vs Chad Evil Meme




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