the-nora-borealis transgirltumbling liquidsadism bloodcountessabendroth kittenlord transgendergamergirl transgirltumbling emanantfeminine transquesting omnimpotent lady-azael transgirltumbling stacysadistic anoctobertale skyington pinkpunktrans lady-azael herecomeszoe transgirltumbling hungerfaerie transgirltumbling rocketmermaid lady-feral kittenlord transgirltumbling lady-azael herecomeszoe lady-azael shatteredchrystal transgirltumbling Do you ever look at old photos of yourself and think … who the hell is that? NO FREAKING KIDDING D My god this post keeps getting better… Saving this post for when I get home so I can add to it P Not quite as impressive as the others but I figured I’d add my own! Whaaaaat?! Girl you look great!! i couldnt really grow facial hair but still Ooooh can I play? DANG Y’ALL As for me I haven’t been at it that long but I already feel a ton better You don’t have to be at it long to look good! You are killing it! hello i am the grand duchess of unimpressive transition timelines As the Empress of Having My Own Opinion About Things Rex I declare you by royal decree as having been born with that beauty! is it too late for me to hop on this train? Hope away! I never get tired of seeing your transition timelines!! So jealous D Ok here I go… ooooo I wana win the things too! I am pretty! You ARE! WOW!!! I’m still super early with things but let me add this! If that’s you-just-getting-started your idea of “super early” and mine must be very different! You’re already a knockout May I join? Still awaiting hormones but Kinda interesting how many of us used to rock beards Who knew that behind those beards hid magnificent angelic beings? I did First of all GORGEOUS! Second of all as I’ve looked through alllll of these reblogs I’ve thought the same thing! Lots of us were rocking some level of facial hair I know that for me it was a last ditch effort to do SOMETHING guys do because I couldn’t really find much anything else It was also a convenient place to hide from myself I want to do the thing! Before December 2013 After March 2015 this is my favorite thing all trans girls look amazzzzing Started HRT at 32 maybe six months or so after the first pic at 32 years old Second pic is me now at 35 = it’s never too late to join the game right? Never too late! Yesss! I love this and seeing lots of familiar ladies on here that was a big motivation for me to transition 💜 All these beautiful ladies my little wlw heart cant take this 💜 Meme








The Game



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