The New Uork Times LATE CITY EDITION All the News That's Fit to Print Thunderstorms warm hamid elear Temperatares Testerday-Max 84 Mie 71 THREE CENTS NEW TORK Cnr NEW YORK WEDNESDAY AUGUST 15 1945 vOL XCIVNo 31980 JAPAN SURRENDERS END OF WAR! EMPEROR ACCEPTS ALLIED RULE MARTHUR SUPREME COMMANDER OUR MANPOWER CURBS VOIDED HIRING MADE LOCAL Third Fleet Fells 5 Planes Since End ALL CITY LETS GO YIELDING UNQUALIFIED TRUMAN SAYS PRESIDENT ANNOUNCING SURRENDER OF JAPAN ythe Aoated P aUAM Wedneaday Aug 15Hundreds of Thousands Japaneae aircratt are approach ing the Pacifie Fleet off Tokyo and are being shot down Ad- Communities Labor and Management Will Unite Efforts Japan Is Told to Order End of Hostilities Notify Allied Supreme Commander and Send Emissaries to Him Roar Jov After Victory Flash Is Received nouneed to Japanese time or 11 P M EWT TIMES SO IS JAMMED Gen Douglas MacArthur has 6000000 AFFECTED MAG ARTHUR TO RECEIYE SURRENDER nese that American defense Draft Quotas Cut Serv ices to Drop 5500000 in 18 Months Police Estimate Crowd Fleet to destroy any Japanese planes approsching United States in Area at 2000000- warahips GUAM Wednesday Aug 15 When Admiral Halsey re Formal Proclamation of V-J Day Awaits Signing Din Overwhelming of Those Articles-Cease-Fire Order tion today he sent this message By ALEXANDER FEINBERG Given to the Allied Forces By LEWIS WOOD Specal to T Nrw ax T manpower controls over employers hoot them down in friendly gonizing days following the firat and workers were aboliahed to- night the War Manpower Com aahion mission announced enabling nnCDNTO By ARTHUR KROCK days of alternately rising hopes 8pecial to TiE NEW YORK TIMES The end of the war threw on CUMETS OF RADAR GIVEN TO WORLD ployers to hire men where and WASHINGTON Aug 14-Japan today unconditionally surrendered the hemispheric empire taken by force and held almost intact for more than two years against the rising seven o'clock last night And the metropolis exploded its emotions the Government the difficult task of trying to readjust perhaps ofticlal Truman apnoamcesSecretar n reading the message in the Wh ite House Seated are Admiral WHllam D Leahy power of the United States and its Allies in the Pacific war The bloody dream of the Japanese military caste van- yof State James F Byrnes and former Secretary of State Cordell Hull Standing left employment Nevertheless the be used to help workers find new Its Role in War and Uses for hese were the magie words Davis Economie Stabilizer Jobn W Snyder Recenversion Direeterdainistration Wlam H ished in the text of a note to the Four Powers accepting the veterans displaced migratory war Peacetime Revealed in ashed on the moving electrie of the Navy Fred Vinson Seeretary of the Trea sury Tom Clark Attor rstal Seeretary terms of the Potsdam Declaration of July 26 1945 which to right are Maj Gen Phillp Fleming head of the Federal Works James 1 General and Lewis amplified the Cairo Declaration of 1943 places with preference going to ign of the Times Tower at T03 Schwellenbaeh Secretary of Labor P M that touched off an unparal- Seled demonstration in Times square packed with half a mlon persons Like the previous items in the surrender correspondence today's Japanese document was forwarded through the Swiss Foreign office at Berne and the Swiss Legation in workers and other preferentials At the same time President Tru- man announced that monthly in- duetions into the Army would be immediately slashed from 80000 to S0000 and said 500000 to 5500- WASHINGTON Aug 14-The he vietory roar that greeted Washington and London PETAIN CONVICTED Terms Will Reduce Japan By WILLIAM s WHITE Sec to T New T the State Department by the Legation Charge d'Affaires at 610 P M after the third and most anxious day of wait- ing on Tokyo the anxiety intensified by several premature or false reports of the finale of World War II Orders Given to the Japanese announcement beat upon the o00 men probably would be re-great drama of radar the war's cardruma until it numbed the eased from the service within the most powerful aecret weapoenses For twenty minutes wave The induetion rate of 50000 was displayed before a world au- monthly the President said would dienee to Bud ed forth Jurors Recommend Clemency tutm Restraint was thrown to the paonune of Hio Age Le WASHINGTON Aug 14-The Allied terms of surrender will May I get the door for you M'Arthur? Meme





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