THE JOKER WAS BENG RELEASED FROM ARKAHAM SFOR OK ISTORTOFTIIEBIT MAN The ABC's of The Joker - J is for Joker In this celebration of the Clown Prince of Crime it is important to include Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo's dissection of this twisted mind in the self titled graphic novel Joker from 2008 Told from the point of view of henchman Jonny Frost the Joker mysteriously is released from Arkham Asylum With the help of Jonny and Harley Quinn this Harlequin of Hate seeks to get what he believes is rightfully his - Gotham City - from Harvey Dent aka Two-Face which sets off a bloody and gruesome turf war Fueled by pills sex and murder Jonny observes the Joker as a complex being not sure how he processes the chaos that he ensues on a wide range of victims from low level thugs who double crossed him to innocent Gothamites Unable to control the spontaneous rage from Joker and his crew Harvey asks the help of the only person that can contain the 'disease' that is Joker the Batman who seemingly finds and apprehends his greatest enemy Including dialogue between Joker and other rogues such as Killer Croc The Penguin and The Riddler Azzarello brilliantly succeeds in diving into the hideous psyche Joker possesses Azzarello's script combined with Bermejo's depiction of Gotham City its inhabitants including the Batman and the gritty world that breathes life into Joker's actions showcase both a villain with human emotions and a being with demonizing qualities An essential read for any fans of this classic rogue Joker shows that the safest place to hide is in sanity βœŒπŸΌπŸ’œπŸ’šπŸƒπŸ“š Meme




Harvey Dent


Killer Croc





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