the Holy ork in allot to each s the ability to great faith else the the abia ability speakit alone He anti of many has 1 CORINTHIANS 144 page 1081 and if bad such faith that could move 1or 128 mountains but didn't love others I would wholebody were an ear be nothing MfIgave everything have to the poor and even sacrificed my body could boast about it but if I didn't love others I would have gained nothing Rom 126M Love is patient and kind tove B not jealous or boastful or proud tor rode 1t Mind don't needyou The head does not demand its own way It is not Idon't need you irritable and it keeps no record ofbeing of the body that wronged does not rejoice about injus- mm veiket and least important are ace tice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out love nevergives up never loses faith '11 is always hopeful and endures through les honorable are those nie the geatest care So we care 12 tl those parts that should not and speaking in unknown while the more honorable parts languages and special knowledge will re this special ate so God 14 love pathe body together such that extra 11 everfNow our knowledge is partial and incomplete and even the gift of proph ecy reveals only part of the whole pic the members that all the meme turel But when the time of perfection each other alfone part sud comes these partial things will become althepartssutler with it and if one 2121 honored all the partsaregad together are Christsbody stark 1123 When I was achild Ispokeandthought 1Cor 129 and reasoned as a child But when grew of you 3apart of it Here are 133 uplput awaychildish things UNowwe see parts God has appointed for things imperfectly puzzling reflections 134 in a minox but then we will see everything 115 with perfectdarity' Allthat Hanowinow is 160 102a partial and incomplete but then will know everything completely just as God now laows me completely mhree things will last forever faith hope and love and the greatest otthese Tongues and tet love be your highest goal! But 14 hers?Dowe all have the you should also desire the special abibries the Spirit gives the Do we all have the ability interpret unknown prophesy For if you have the ability to speak in tongues you wi wul talking only to God since people wont be able to understand you You will be desire the mont helpful gifta speaking by the power of the Spirit but it will all be But one who prophesies others encourages and comforts them who in tongues is strengthened personally but one who word speak an the languages the entire church If any of you are looking for a fancy way to propose BibleStudyAndChill ? šŸ˜‚ā¤ļø Meme

Being alone










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