The DIS @TheDIS Follow DIS The Walt Disney Company Donates $5 Million to the Notre-Dame Cathedral Rebuild wdwinfocomnews-storiest The Company tea jay Follow @teejiay @teejiay 11 % of Disneyland Resort cast members are homeless The DIS @TheDIS The The Walt Disney Company Donates $5 Million to the APISN Notre-Dame Cathedral Rebuild wdwinfocomnews-storiest Unmet Health Needs health care services ge s adequate in Many Disneyland Re Even those who have erims of providing basi services Copy Select All The Walt Disney Company asks its employees to adhere to what it calls the Four Keys to good customer service Among them are smile and make eye contact Many Disneyland Resort employees however need but cannot afford dental care or glasses and contact lenses making it harder to adhere to those guidelines For example 43% of Disneyland Resort employees report that in the past year they needed but could not afford dental care as shown in Exhibit 12 Among single parents over half56% could not afford needed dental care Nearly a third 30% report that in the past year they needed but could not afford glasses or contact lenses as shown in Exhibit 13 Another quarter 24% report that in the past year they needed but could not afford follow-up medical care One fifth 21% report that in the past year they needed but could not afford prescription medicines while 16% report that in the past year they needed but could Exhibit 12 Disneyland Workers Who Needed but Could Not Afford DENTAL CARE in the Past Year ALL WORKERS FULL-TIMEPART TIME STATUS Part-Time HDURLY WAGE $15+ YEARS WORKING AT DISNEYLAND Less than 1 year 1-3 years 4-6 years 7-10 years 11-15 years More than 15 years GENDER Female Male PARENTS WITH CHILDREN 0-17 YEARS Sing Precariously Housed Workers Disneyland Resort employees have a hard time paying the rent They devotea large part of their household incomes just to put a roof over their heads Even so many Disneyland Resort employees live in o place to live many rent homes a great distance from Disneyland Resort and have long commutes to get to work Disneyland Resort employees' wages do not align with southern California's high housing costs As a result some Disneyland Resort employees find themselves in precarious circumstances They fear getting evicted because they cant afford the rent They move vercrowded conditions To afford a Some Disneyland Resort employees find themselves on the brink of homelessness and some actually find themselves with no permanent place to live making do by sleeping in their cars couch surfing between friends and family or ending up on the street or in a homeless shelter Even full-time Disneyland Resort workers confront the spectrum of precarious uncertain unstable and insecure housing conditions which creates chaos and hardship for themselves and in some cases their families Among Disneyland Resort employees only 20% own their own houses or condominiums and 63% rent their houses or apartrnents Another 18% live with family members or friends but do not pay rent or otherwise help with housing Exhibit 40 Homeownership Rates for California Selected Counties and Disneyland Workers Occupy without ppying rent Seming Artist @ sewingartist 9h Replying to @teejiay LadyDamfino I was offered a position in the costume department at $1056 an hour down in FL I high tailed it out of there I now make above $15 an hour at a similar position in Indiana Disney is crap 244 7 Witch Bitch Jane Rayi @YandereJane 6h Replying to @teejiay @stormflowercos A cast member died in her car last year during winter where she lived because the resort refused to pay a living wage despite her many years of service endangered-justice-seeker what a fucking hypocrisy Meme











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