The Cristero War or the Cristero Rebellion 1926-29 also known as La Cristiada la kris 'tjaõa was a widespread struggle in central-western Mexico in response to the imposition of secularist state atheism anti-Catholic and anti-clerical articles of the 1917 Constitution of Mexico The rebellion was instigated as a response to an executive dec ree by President Plutarco Elías Calles to enforce Articles 3 5 24 27 and Cristero War 130 of the Constitution a move known as the Calles Law Calles sought to eliminate the pOwer of the Catholic Church and all organizations which were affiliated with it as an institution and suppress popular religious celebrations in local communities The massive popular rural uprising was tacitly supported by the Church hierarchy and it was also aided by urban Catholic supporters US Ambassador Dwight W Morrow brokered negotiations between the Calles government and the Church The government made some concessions the Church withdrew its support for the Cristero fighters and the conflict ended in 1929 It can be seen as a major event in the struggle between Church and State which dates back to the 19th century with the War of Reform but it can also be interpreted as the last major peasant uprising in Mexico following the end of the military phase of the Mexican Revolution in 1920 Contents hide Map of Mexico showing regions where Cristero 1 Background outbreaks occurred 11 Church-State conflict Large-scale outbreaks 111 Crisis in Church-State relations Moderate outbreaks Sporadic outbreaks 12 The Mexican Constitution of 1917 13 Background Date 1926-1929 2 Revolution Location Mexico 21 Peaceful resistance Result Government ceasefire 22 Escalation of violence The Mexican Government makes 23 Diplomacy and the uprising peace agreement with Cristeros assisted by the United States through 24 United States involvement 241 Kni of Columbus involvement US Ambassador to Mexico Dwight Whitney Morrow in order to end 242 Ku Klux Klan involvement violence 3 Aftermath of the war and its toll on the Church Recognition of certain rights and the 31 Cárdenas era 1934-40 and the Catholic Church Catholic Church reopens in Mexico by 4 Present day 1929 during the presidency of Emilio 41 Cristero War saints Portes Gil although some anti-clerical government laws remained in force 5 Battle Hymn of the Cristeros until 1992 when the Mexican 6 Other views government amended the constitution by granting all religious 7 In popular culture 8 See also groups legal status conceding them limited property rights and lifting 9 References restrictions on the number of priests in 10 Further reading the country 101 Historiography Belligerents 102 In fiction 103 In Spanish Mexican Government Cristeros 11 External links EMexican Army Support Support Holy See Knights of Columbus United States United States Background edit Ku Klux Klan Mexican Protestants SUnited Kingdom Church-State conflict edit Belligerents Mexican Government Cristeros FMexican Army Meme


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