The Atlanta Constitution The Atlanta Constitution AMERICA UNDER ATTACK SPECIAL 24-PAGE REPORT ajeieom RIDAY SEPT 400 ajecom 504 The Atlanta Constitution SPECIAL REPORT AFTER THE ASSAULT AMERICA UNDER ATTACK SPECIAL 24-PAGE REPORI Bush'First war ajccom A NATION REBUILDS soe Cold fury drives hunt for terrorists OUTRAGE of 21st century US authorities identify hijackers seek other plotters A shortage of flags not of patriotism EVLOPMENTS TheAtlanta The Atlanta Journal-Constitution SPECIAL REPORT AFTER THE ASSAULT ajccom A diary of terror and resolve A detailed look at the nightmarish days that changed a narion oeves Section D Atlanta responds Messages of support plus opportunities lor you to help Section B Understanding what happened Diferent perspectives amid the grief Plus Two pages of esponses from readers Section C Not business as usual Consumers likely to Rais cautious Section SATURDAY Journal- Constitution REPT 18 20 NEW YORK AMERICA On to a new day SUNDAY The Atlanta Constitution Bush'We're at war Taliban threatens its neighbors ajecom MONDAY SEPT 12001 US braces for long war Bush pledges all-out crusade to rid world of evildoers' EDNY CHEF OF OPERATIONS NEW YORK CITY e w he Warld Trade Ceeran Pr hea A nation rallies The Atlanta Constitution TheAtlanta ajccom SPECIAL REPOR 50 FRIDAY SEPT 21 2001 On the Homefront In Morrow Lt Carl DeMarco holds a iredighter's boos for Jenemy Johnson's donarion Such caring gesnutes have illed our community since Sept 11 Suaring today and continuing daly in Living a new report tells ach stories wth the lemers poems and emails you send us A14-15 Journal- Constitution WEATHER Tonight we are a country awakened to danger and called to defend freedom Our grief has turned to anger and anger to resolution Whether we bring our enemies to justice or bring justice to our enemies Partly cloudy 86 FL0 ECORES Phi SUNDAY Justice will be done' Our Grave New World Experts and our reporters describe the challenge ahead@issue E1-20 $3 million approved for high-rise Pressing toward war Bush vows to vanquish terrorists their allies Felcons may be televised here Terrorist pilots reportedly fndey's y EN HERMAN Barnes avids ethics rebuke no secret d e SPEECH e a A17 e La nd AQls i You want big? This is Bigper D P Dhyang offce lin ther al L Q I didn’t understand 9-11 on an emotional level when it happened but some part of 12 year old me knew to keep these Meme





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