The American feminist 2017 DUMBER IS THERE ANYTHING THAN A FEMINIST DEFENDING ISLAM? 348 AM 31 Jan 17 82 RETWEETS 132 LIKES t7 @menvielle_lucas 1s @renomarky yes anyone supporting Donald Trump millennial-review hustler-1 millennial-review 😂😂😂 No I think it’s still way more stupid to be the former considering Donal Trump hasn’t beaten stoned or killed thousands of women for not following the word of his religion And need I remind you that this is still frequently happening today? So I’m not trying to defend the more extreme elements of Islam just like I wouldn’t defend the more extreme elements of Christianity Go look in the mountains of Utah and find some fundamentalist Mormons and tell me how much their view of America and what it means to be American jives with what you thinkMore importantly though in my opinion religious beliefs aren’t any more inherently extreme than secular ideological frameworks And I’m a pretty hardcore atheist but I appreciate the need some people have for a spiritual explanation to the universe In the end when too much power is concentrated it gets abused and religious beliefs inherently create a power structure Just like political ideologies So whether it’s communism or far right nationalism or extreme forms of Christianity or Islam the problem is never the framework Just the radical people within it Every religion and philosophy is a complex system of thought that can be abused if people want to abuse it And when they do it’s generally for pretty obvious political ends If Alabama was destabilized by Chinese drone strikes I bet we’d see Christians doing somethings most would consider extreme and reprehensible and they would use their religion to justify it Meme



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