Terry Grosz was a fish and game warden that caught illegal fishers by waiting in the Eel river in a wetsuit and reeled himself in when the fisherman cast out their lines After writing citations and confiscating their fishing rods he went back into the river and swam away Ultrafactstumblrcom ultrafacts Source x Follow Ultrafacts for more facts! theawesomeadventurer okay but this is a power move above any other hoseph-christiansen It gets even better because he was doing all of this on a pitch black night This dude swam towards a lure slapped at it with his glove and when it got caught he let himself float and tugged on the line so the fisherman thought he had hooked a 100+ pound salmon Once he was finally up to the shore he turned a flashlight on in the guy's face and walked out of the water saying good morning gentlemen State fish and game warden you're under arrest At this point the guy who had reeled him in had literally fallen over in shock and the other people with him were scared shitless The warden whipped some citations out of a plastic bag in his wetsuit made the trespassers sign them asked if they had any questions and then gathered all of their fishing gear And he just Walked back into the river And quietly swam away without another word This man is a legend do-you-have-a-flag warden coming out of his river to shame fishermankind fantasticbeastsandhowtokeepthem A Hero Sourceultrafacts 173204 notes The new Aquaman movie looks great Meme




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