teen wolf season 1 werewolves exist weakened by wolfsbane they are strongest at the full moon exist in packs with Alphas Betas and Omegas and a bite or a scratch turns humans into them me OK yeah classic werewolf lore season 2 ok turns out werewolves can resurrect from the fucking dead using moonlight and their own beta oh and werewolves can turn into giant lizard men with paralytic venom if the human was a dick alright a lot weirder but I can handle thi- me wha season 3 slurring yeah so werewolf twins can fuse their bodies together like voltron to become a bigger wolfbut ONLY if they're shirtless Also wolves can store memories in their claws me wtf this is getting pretty wei- season 4 if if - if your throat gets fatally slashed by a werewolf burps that doesn't mean that you'll actually die You could actually be turned into a were-jaguar and control Viking bersekers for some hiccups fucking reason also were-jaguars can can magically just freaking de-age adults into teenagers somehow and we'll never explain why me jesus christ that is the stupi- season 5 barely intelligible when a human slurps rainwater from a regular wolf's footprint he'll transform me oh that's actually great back to the classic lor- season 5 into this humungous eight foot tall cgi beast of a werewolf made out of fucking shadows that can only be killed by a spear tempered with his French sister's blood me go home Jeff Davis you drunk You can actually see where the showrunners’ ideas start to get worse and worse Meme




Teen Wolf







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