TaatI 55 “I tried to make it as comfortable as possible for him We tried everything We went to every trial and appointment Larry really thought he was going to make it And I encouraged him as much as I could Even when he went blind Even when I had to carry him to the bathroom We still thought he was going to make it We were always moving forward Then one night we were lying in bed And I knew it was over He was covered in ulcers and dehydrated and emaciated And I told him that I loved him and that we’d get through this but at that moment I knew it was over Five days later he stopped breathing I never talked about Larry in our support groups but my patients somehow found out what happened and a bunch of them came to the funeral So this is has always been more than professional to me I know about trauma And I know the treatment works Because I’ve been through it” ----------------------------------------------------------- Gerard Ilaria is the head clinician at Headstrong Project He has provided one-on-one treatment for most of the veterans featured in this series Many of those veterans credit him with saving their life For the rest of the day we are holding a fundraiser to help Gerard and Headstrong in their mission to heal veterans with PTSD The organization’s budget last year was only $750000 We’ve raised over half that so far A small donation will go a long way so please consider donating httpbitly2bQe8cR Meme











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