t1 Gravitas Free Zone Retweeted db pooper @lonelydandruff 2h I just realised americans think their medicine costs as much as they're charged for it Your Trusted Wizard @Choplogik iguess if i was an american & saw all the wildly exorbitant medical bills people get i would wonder how universal healthcare'd get paid for 07 216 357 queeranarchism flyingfishtailoutpost1 thebibliosphere lizardtitties withasmoothroundstone robstmartin titleknown Blogging this tweet because this explains SO MUCH about the mindset of pretty much all the folks I’ve known who’re against single-payer it’s not even funny… This… This never occurred to me Not once That Americans are against Health Care because they think it actually costs tens of thousands of dollars for a broken arm hundreds of thousands for a complicated birth millions for cancer treatment Because they’ve never known anything different The idea that a broken arm is only a couple hundred bucks a complicated birth a couple thousand cancer treatment only tens of thousands all easily covered by existing tax structures This explains a lot And it’s a good example of what I was talking about in my post on scarcity being used to prop up ableism – always question the idea that a resource is genuinely scarce Even if it seems obvious that it is quite often that’s the result of careful manipulation and misconceptions that you’re not even aware of And never think you’re too smart to be fooled by that kind of thing it doesn’t work like that Similarly don’t think people who are fooled by something are stupid Nobody can have all the information about everything and nobody has the time and energy to investigate and put together conscious conclusions about every piece of information they’re given It doesn’t take being stupid or even just gullible to believe something like this I currently live in a country without free medical care and still it’s enormously cheap compared to the USA An American expat wrote a piece for our English language paper about how she paid more for parking at the hospital than giving birth to her baby that’s pretty interesting httpsgrapevineismagarticles20160106healthcare-in-iceland-vs-the-us-weve-got-it-so-good Yesterday I had to go to the hospital cause I injured my eye I’m frankly dreading what the bill is going to be but what made me balk was being told in the pharmacy that my insurance was denied for the antibiotic eye drops and it’d be over $100 out of pocket So I didn’t get my eyedrops I’ve had these same drops before living in the UK They cost me seven GBP It’s the exact same drug same steroid same strain of antibiotic But somehow the US gets away with charging $100 for a generic non brand version of a drug which is easy to create and widely used It’s downright robbery but also a form of eugenics through poverty and class warfare You keep the poor poor by making sure basic necessities remain unattainable and then you make it seem like the norm so no one fights it The rest of the world is not like this Eat the rich Resist It’s downright robbery but also a form of eugenics through poverty and class warfare THIS THISTHISTHIS THIS IS WHAT I KEEP TRYING TO TELL PEOPLE This always question the idea that a resource is genuinely scarce Meme











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