Storytime be me be in US on exchange there's a pride parade near where I stay nice i can slut it up go to Pride parade to be gay some homophobic skinheads protesting whatever keep an eye on it in case shit escalates see gay band playing guys all shirtless all ripped as fuck drummer is very cute chat him up his name is Jonathan but everyone calls him Johnny dressed up in a lot of gay paraphernalia >we're talking Radiating Rainbows levels of looking gay nice ruckus further back up in the parade >oh shit homophobes attacking with bats and rocks one guy waving around a gun shooting in the air absolutely no trigger discipline band turns out to be armed pull out pistols nice shitting myself but not gonna let some homophobes fuck up my gay folks start fighting back thank fuck for martial arts training band not shooting but keeping pistols trained on gun guy >gun guy shoots Johnny in the scalp goes out cold >oh fuck band shoots gun guy panic ensues >everyone scatters police sirens closing in >check up on Johnny he's fine just a flesh wound but one inch to the left and he'd have died band has to bail just shot a guy stay behind to get the cops off their trail realise l forgot to ask Johnny's number >howl in sorrow with your guns and drums and drums and guns >aroo aroo with your drums and guns and guns and drums >aroo aroo >with your guns and drums and drums and guns the enemy nearly slew ya >oh darling dear ya looked so queer >Johnny I hardly knew ya Meme





Pull Out






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